Our story

Our story

People taking care of people...

Embarking on a adventure, crisscrossing continents for the past 20 years, we've been chasing the magic of genuine moments: diving into the vibrant tapestry of local cultures, savoring exquisite bites and sips, forging connections with kindred spirits, marveling at urban wonders, or wandering off the map. But through it all, our hearts yearned for a cozy place to call our own in the vast world.

Enter PAVO – not your average stay-over place, but a living, breathing love letter to the art of journeying. 

Here, we invite you to soak in the essence, the zest, and the culture of this magical land. From art that whispers mythic tales to decorative marvels that echo the heartbeat of tradition – and let's not forget, our own passion!

Imagine being whisked away through time and space by a stunning mural from the contemporary artist Fikos, celebrating Crete's rich history and enchanting myths. Throughout PAVO, you will find creations from local talents, adding layers of soul and story.

Dream sweetly beneath headboards that carry the legacy of our grandmother’s handcrafted textiles, dating back to the '50s or '60s – their exact origins are lost in the mists of time. The rest are lovingly woven by hand in traditional looms, honoring age-old traditions with every thread. And don't get us started on the handmade luminaries – a nod to Crete's illustrious heritage.

Embrace the lively yet endearing embrace of Heraklion, making every moment count in this enchanting corner of the world.

As the day unfolds (or wraps up), remember that PAVO is a tiny universe that mirrors our own quest for discovery, connection, and a touch of the extraordinary.